Defender Plastics

See how BOLO™ Guard works

The BOLO™ Corner Guard is simple to install – just 60 seconds or less! – and requires no special tools or technicians. Take a look at how easy and quick it is to start protecting your utility boxes.

Anyone can install BOLO™ Guard in 60 seconds or less with just a deadblow hammer!

Place the guard

Set the point of the guard just off the corner of the boxpad so the guard is flush with the walls of the boxpad.

Set the point, then hammer.

Hit top corner “nail head” area with deadblow hammer until the guard is installed to the preferred depth. (recommended depth is 4-6” below grade)

Secure with screws

Optional: Use drill hole guides to install fender push pins or self-drilling screws for further securement.

Ready to kick damaged utility boxes to the curb?

You have more important things to do than repair and replace damaged utility boxes. Installing BOLO™ Guard on all utility boxes is the best way to safe-guard them from future damage.